Friday 3rd 

Hi guys! Yawning Man will headline Friday night at Pietra Sonica Fest 2018!
Californian psych-desert sound legends, leaders of the entire desert rock movement, powerful and emotional vibes generators.. health for the soul..


Hey Folks! We are proud to announce Ecstatic Vision!!!
Dirty space rockers from fuzzy universe on our stage on Friday 3rd of August!

Jegulja will make its way to our fest!
Creatures of deep-prog-abysses will come to the surface on Friday 3rd!!!

Warning! Danger! The high energy hardcore power trio LLEROY will land at the festival!!!
Only a wild pogo will save us! Get ready!

Saturday 4th 

It looks like a joke…it’s nothing but the truth!
The Bevis Frond, psychedelic rock legends from London ONLY AT PIETRA SONICA FEST 2018!!!
Who better to celebrate 10 years?!?

Let’s welcome Mother Engine on board!!!
Heavy psych stoner racers from German galaxy at Pietra Sonica on saturday night!


Hard Blues pachyderm will dance on your back! Black Elephant live on Saturday 4th!!!!

“…Turn around quick, and start to run…find out I’m the chosen one…Oh noooo”
Lose your mind once again with the occult doom  of  Mist

Time for an intense groovy spicy potion!
Let’s ride the sky with the FLUM and their shamanic space stoner drones!!!

Grave at Pietra Sonica Fest 2018! Some of the most badass hard-rock riffs, with a special touch of southern love, ever hear on our stage…

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